Message from the CEO Embarking on our journey, we champion service-oriented, action-led leadership, envisioning empowered futures. Guided by Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen’s values, our foundation thrives on fostering positive transformation and community empowerment. With a focus on education, study, and research, we cultivate a promising future, echoing Dr. Ambachew’s legacy. We prioritize youth empowerment, recognizing their potential as change agents, providing support for their leadership endeavors. As a women-led organization, we foster women’s empowerment, believing in their transformative impact on communities. Addressing climate change, we promote sustainable solutions through community-led projects. Rooted in action-oriented leadership, our initiatives drive tangible, meaningful change, embodying Dr. Ambachew’s vision of service and empowerment.

Meaza Ambachew Mekonnen(MDP)