The Dr. Ambachew Foundation, established in July 2020, is a tribute to the legacy of Dr. Ambachew, a prominent figure in Ethiopian politics. Founded by his family and friends.Dr.Ambachew’s lifetime of service, marked by strong leadership, unwavering patriotism, and a commitment to corruption-free governance, exemplified his dedication to Ethiopia.

Tragically, Dr. Ambachew paid the ultimate price for his dedication when he was assassinated in his office, along with two colleagues, while leading a critical meeting. His family’s vision for the foundation is to prevent such experiences from recurring in Ethiopia. They aim to foster national development through open dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution, rejecting violence as a means of change.

Central to the foundation’s mission is the empowerment of Ethiopian youth and women, focusing on education and leadership development. Dr. Ambachew, a respected researcher with a PhD, played a pivotal role in crafting policies and capacity-building initiatives during his time. He provided leadership training to many aspiring leaders who shared his qualities.

Given that Ethiopia boasts one of the largest youth populations in Africa, with approximately 37.4 million individuals aged 10 to 24, the foundation places a strong emphasis on training and motivating the younger generation specially womens. Its goal is to ensure that Dr.Ambachew’s legacy lives on through the youth, inspiring them to contribute to the nation’s growth.

Moreover, the foundation is dedicated to empowering women and encouraging their active involvement in the country’s development. It is committed to promoting green development practices to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. The foundation envisions a greener and more prosperous Ethiopia, and it aims to inspire the youth, empower women, and advance sustainable practices for the betterment of the nation.

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