Dr. Ambachew was born in 1971, at Aketo, a small rural village found in Gayint, the then Gonder province, northwest Ethiopia. He spent his childhood happily with Family on the field where cattle are grazing, bird singing beautifully, farmers plow, and women fetch water with a pot carried on their back. He loves his Family specially his Father, he was very friendly with his father, and also he was the first Son for his Family.

Putting his hope in his heart and he went to a nearby Aketo Primary and Middle school, to pave the way for future journeys. In class, he was very active and attentive. He did the 4th and 5th grades in one year. He had a childhood dream to be a Teacher, because he loves and have much respect for his Teachers. His love and affinity for physics and mathematics were special. Unfortunately; however, in 1990, when he was Grade12th, the civil war intensified resulting in the closure of a school. Then, with his fellows, he joined the group fighting to overthrow the Dictator Government. After the fall of the Dergue Government/Dictator, he participated in stabilizing the public, playing the leadership role at a young age.

His persistent need for knowledge and wisdom made him continuously think about resuming his studies.  Ambachew resumed his secondary studies after a five-year hiatus marked by challenges and perilous work environments. despite all challenges and shouldering demanding responsibility, he managed to enroll the discontinued Grade 12nd in distance learning and succeeded in the national exams scoring 3.2 out of 4 to join the university, Then he will join Civil Service University which is located in Addis Ababa. He was a natural science student and he loves and has affinity for physics and mathematics, sadly ended when he was obliged by the Government that he is in, to join social sciences (Economics). However, he had a successful time at the university and graduated with a very great distinction of 3.94 out of 4.

Then after serving in public and political positions, he got an opportunity to join the Korean Development Institute (KDI) School of public policy and management, South Korea. He had a successful time both in curricular and extracurricular aspects. Since then, a strong relationship was established between him (his families) and South Korea. He had joy when South Korean brothers and sisters are coming to Ethiopia for work; he invited them in his home.

He was having a very strong attachment to South Korea while he was in KDI School for his master of public policy (MPP) program, he dreams day and night to bring together these two historical countries to share experience in different developmental agendas, like capacity building, Land and Housing issues, in manufacturing industrialization and too in construction sector. How he was so much bothering on the economic development of his country comparing with Korea, he has explained the gap in his Master’s thesis at KDI School in the following way: “The Ethiopian industrialization could be characterized by its tortoise nature while that of the Republic of Korea resembles to the move of rabbit. Hence, comparing the distance moved by tortoise and rabbit within the same period and condition could be explained as the unwisely comparison between rat and elephant. Rather, the comparison helps us in identifying the causes of the divergence in economic performances and the lessons that could be drawn from Korean fast industrialization experience as explained in the main text.”

In 2016, after he assigned as a Minister in Ethiopia Dr. Ambachew received an Excellence Alumni Award from the KDI School of public policy and management.

After he is coming back to his Country from South Korea holding his First Master in MPP, He has contributed great to serve his beloved society at Amhara Regional State at different levels of position where he was especially very much successful in establishing the Amhara Regional Management Institute, and worked there as Director of the established Institute, The Head of Amhara National Democracy Movement Secretariats Office, The head of Amhara National Regional State Bureau of Trade and Industry. Then he is going for his PhD studies at Canterbury, University of Kent, UK. He did his second MSc in International Finance and Economic Development(2008) and Ph.D. in Economics (2011) at University of Kent, UK.  His research works are in Trade, Investment, and Productivity from which 8 of them are published in different Journals.  Immediately after completing his PhD study, he was back to his home country for which he had enormous love and respect. Afterward he served to his maximum capacity for his country from Regional to Federal positions respectively. As a director of ORDA (Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara), A Head of Amhara National Regional state Housing and Urban Development Office and on September 2016, he has been appointed as Minister of Construction Ministry, Minister for Housing and Urban Development Ministry, Minister of Industry Ministry, Infrastructure Advisory Minister to Prime Minister at different times.

In March 2019, Dr. Ambachew was appointed as the President of Amhara National Regional State. His appointment has brought hope to the people of Amhara. He has employed his knowledge and skillful leadership to bring the people of the region to work together and realize tangible changes to benefit the people as well as to lift up the region. However, though he was visional to contribute a lot to his people, due to the fact that very evil and a jealousy individual who was guided and directed under a political conspiracy he has been murdered/assassinated in his office while leading a meeting, at the age of 49 in June 22/2019.

Dr Ambachew has inspired millions in his peaceful struggle to transform the ruling party from within for a democratic and prosperous Ethiopia. The late Dr Ambachew has fought against corruption and the violation of human rights especially those committed in the Ethiopian prisons. He fought fearlessly against those criminal and corrupt politicians. Indeed, he was a beloved leader respected and missed by millions who are grateful for his service and for the dreams and inspirations he planted in Ethiopia.

He was so much a carrying and very humble with any human kind with his true, honest, kind and ever smiling face.

He was a young, intellectual, a man of principle, an inspirational leader trusted for his words and deeds, well Educated/qualified economist, a patriot, and too much dedicated and committed to bring multidimensional change in his beloved country, Ethiopia. And a loyal to his religion, people, and country- Ethiopia. He was a complete mania trustworthy leader, socially active person, a husband, a father of five children. His relation with his children is beyond the limit of fatherhood: a friend, a brother, and a leader. He was soft-hearted for people in trouble; he extends his hand to them all the time in his lifetime.